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Read and review the 2013-2016 contract between Teamsters Local 727 and Osco Drug. Use the table of contents on the following page to get to know individual sections of the member agreement, or click on the tab above to directly download a copy.

Know Your Business Agent

Teamsters Osco Business Agent: Zach Frankenbach

Phone: (847) 696-7500



Teamsters Local 727 Business Agent Zach Frankenbach directly represents members working at Osco pharmacies across the Chicago area. Any Osco member who has any issue at work, including possible questions about the contract, potential grievances or private matters, do not hesitate to contact Zach or the Local 727 union office immediately via phone or e-mail.

Member News

Teamsters Continue Efforts to Improve Pharmacists' Working Standards

For access to the Osco Part-Time Database, contact Zach Frankenbach to receive a password.


Business Agent Zach Frankenbach

Phone: ​(847) 696-7500


Part-Time Database

06.08.15 — Teamsters Local 727 continues its efforts to help improve working conditions and standards for pharmacists and ensure patient safety across Illinois through important legislation. Union representatives prepared proposals to introduce as legislation that addresses the concerns of Teamsters Local 727-represented pharmacists. Local 727 President John Coli Jr. and union representatives also held meetings with State Rep. Lou Lang and industry groups to discuss the union’s efforts. CONTINUE READING

Members can send a confidential message to Zach using the contact form below.

Based on suggestions from Teamster pharmacists, Teamsters Local 727 is in the early stages of planning a live continuing education seminar that would be free of cost for union members in good standing. 


In order to create a program that best suits the needs of our pharmacist members, the union needs your feedback.


Please take a moment to complete a brief survey regarding program times and topics.





Feedback Sessions

Teamsters Local 727 representatives will be holding feedback sessions to discuss workplace issues with Osco pharmacists in 2015. 


A complete calendar of dates is now available here. Pharmacists can sign up to attend these sessions through the website. Times and locations are determined based on pharmacist availability.

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